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    Expressive white wine that combines the aromatic richness of the sauvignon blanc with the structure that gives the traditional viura, giving a modern touch to this revolutionary target that will delight all types of consumers.

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    The Jerez Gran Reserva Urium vinegar comes from the best wines of Jerez, with a long aging in a system of criaderas and soleras.It becomes a perfume for food, adding aromas and enhancing flavors to salads, gazpachos, vinaigrettes, stews ... The wineries of Jerez keep authentic treasures. item subject to stock in warehouse

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    Montecillo Gran Reserva is a classic Rioja, blunt and elegantly complex. More than 140 years after its foundation, Bodegas Montecillo demonstrates its commitment to excellence with the highest quality wines after vintage. Ideal for dishes where the velvety smoothness of this wine can coexist and enhance. Great with stews and meats, especially with birds...

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    Montecillo Reserva is an honest Rioja of extraordinary elaboration that combines intensity and aromatic fineness with an opulent body. More than 140 years after its foundation, Bodegas Montecillo continues to demonstrate its commitment to excellence and its commitment to top quality wines after vintage.

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    Definition: In community terms(ends) It(He,She) Came from Qualit liquor Produced in Certain Region, (VLCPRD, CE R1493/99), in Spain, generous wine of liquor of upbringing and aging, with Name of Origin, Sherry - Xérès - Sherry, Fragrant led or medium in Anglo-Saxon term(end).Type of grape: Dove and Pedro Ximénez.Vineyards: Superior. Payment Balbaína and...

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    Wine sherry oloroso dry sack solera especial 15 años 75 clElaboration: Yams, controlled fermentation at 28ºC. Fortification with distilled alcohol of wine up to 20.5º, mixture of overboards of Palomino and Pedro Ximénez waiting to enter the system of Criaderas and Soleras for aging and aging of the physical - chemical type by oxidation during a minimum...

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    Hennessy V.SHennessy (Brandy)Hennessy V.S is the hot Union of flavors and with body. His(her,your) personality is the result of a careful selection of the most expressive and distinctive eaux-de-vie.NOTE OF TRYING:- Color: Hennessy V.S is of color amber. - Smell: dominant notes of oak, perceive the light(slight) aromas of the hazelnut. - Flavor: sticky to...

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    La Solera and Criaderas of this brandy date back to 1819 and has been marketed under different names of prestigious brands, this is due to the fact that the cellar that houses these hearths and criaderas, today called Díez Merit Winery, has had in the course of Time, different owners, who rename brandy, according to their last name, title or brand.It is...

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    DO. Jerez-Xeres-Sherry EMPRESS EUGENIA WINE OLOROSO LUSTAU 50CL.This wine has its origin in the hearth founded in 1921 Don Emilio Lustau in commemoration of the visit to Jerez de Eugenia de Montijo, last Empress of France. A dry oloroso, deep and complex. Old gold color with green hues. Intense aromas of nuts and exquisite taste of nuts, raisins and cocoa...

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