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Bodegas Fernández-Gao is synonym of tradition and dedication for to Sherries

Fernandez GAO:

Bodegas Fernández-Gao is the continuation of Fernández-Gao Vinos y Brandies in the XXI century, house founded in 1750, being one of the oldest in the Jerez domain.

With a young and rejuvenated team, Bodegas Fernández-Gao is seeking exclusiveness with the limited production of Jerez´s most represensitive wines: Oloroso , Palo Cortado, Amontillado, Medium Sweet and Brandy.

With a modern image and adapted to the new times , Bodegas Fernández-Gao wants to be in avante-garde of the Wines a Brandies of Jerez , an ample vision with a new concept where you can enjoy a quality wine , to drink alone or pair it with great gastronomy.

Equally Bodegas Fernández-Gao and the Marquis of Campo Real dating from (1689) have united synergy in this new stage full of excitement.


The first references we have of Fernandez-Gao as a bodega (wine cellar) dates back to 1750 where House Founded appears on several labels of that time, this way situating itself as one of the Pioneer bodegas in the Jerez domain. Mid XVIII century, till the end of Fernando IV´s reign and the beginning of Carlos III´s reign

In the XIX century, in the year 1888, José María Fernández y González found a wine business in Jerez and in 1896 they merge with Manuel Castillo y García, who had a bodega on Arcos Street , which was later purchased by Manuel de Misa y Bertamati.

In the first half of the XX century, precisely in 1914, Fernando Fernández-Gao carries on with the business, which then changes its named to Fernandez-Gao Hnos., name which has been known until 1956. They were producers and wholesalers.

In 1959 Ramiro Fernández-Gao creates a new contemporary Brand in those times of Fernández-Gao. In 1966 and 1967 both cease to exist

Amongst its better known wines was fino La Mina amontillado fino El 68, oloroso El 50 and the Brandies Legendario and Timonel.

In the year 2014 the business from Jerez, Antonio Sánchez Gago, recovered the Fernández-Gao Wines and Brandies and several of its labels, such as those mentioned before hand as well as La Albarizuela , Brandy del Novecientos Cuatro , Fegache Gin , oloroso Gran Añada with the thought of putting upon the table quality wines from this historic bodega and a great part of the families Antique soleras.

The intention of the new Fernández-Gao Vinos y Brandies property has been to recover old cellars and restore them and give life back to its wines and the most important patrimonies which the city has The Bodega

Nowadays Bodegas Fernández-Gao has two wine cellars in the centre of Jerez de la Frontera. The first situated in Pajarete Street-old Real Tesoro Bodegas- and the other in Arcos street.

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  • Type of wine:Generous wine of liqueur Residual sugars: 100g/l Grape variety:Palomino Fino and Pedro Ximenez Aging:Traditional system of Criaderas y Soleras, using 500 L barrels made of American oak, previously wined. Average aging: 12 years Serving temperature: ambient temperature between 14-16º C, or chilled between 12-14º C. Consume preferably: once...

    31.74 €
  • Observations  Type of wine:Generous wine Grape variety:100 % Palomino Fino Aging:Traditional system of Criaderas y Soleras, using 500 L barrles made of american oak, previously wined. Average aging: 20 years  92 points by New York's WineEnthusiast Magazine Serving temperature:Ambient temperature between 15-17º C, or chilled between 12-15º C. Consume...

    39.68 €
  • Proof 21,5% Variety of grape 100 % Palomino Fino Formats  Bordelesa, mateada 50 cl Observations  Type of wine:Generous wine Aging:Traditional system of Criaderas y Soleras, using 500 L barrels made of American oak, previously wined. Average aging: 20 years 94 points by New York WineEnthusiast Magazine Serving temperature:Ambient temperature between...

    43.65 €
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