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Buy the wines of Sherry from Bodegas SANCHEZ ROMATE at the best price and direct from the winery.

Juan Sanchez of the Tower, who in 1781 there lays the foundations of the company Sanchez Romate Hermanos, one of few warehouses that it) follows nowadays in hands of proprietary natives of Jerez de la Frontera.

With the time, the warehouse grew and adapted to the successive technical advances supporting the respect to the elaborating tradition. More than one century after his foundation, the signature reaches one of his principal milestones when in 1887 the fourth generation of the Sanchez Romate decides to create an exclusive brandy for the family and the most close friends. Cardinal like that is born Mendoza Crossbeam Great Reservation, the brandy emblem of the house.

Supporting up to today the independence, the history of the warehouse has known other notable episodes. In 1909, for example, it was named proveedora of the Chamber of the Lores of the United Kingdom; little later, in 17, it reached the title of proveedora of the Sacred Apostolic Palace of the Vatican.

Today the wines and Sanchez Romate's brandies support his international vocation, with a determined expansion for five continents

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Showing 1 - 12 of 18 items