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Shipping and delivery times

Not included taxes.

ISLANDS, CEUTA, MELILLA AND ISLANDS (DIFFERENT COUNTRIES, TO CONSULT). Postage and handling Spain postage and handling is3.8 Euros (VAT not incluído) Portugal: postage and handling 5,4 + VAT Delivery times.

The period of deliver that they appear in the products are orientativos. Except technical mistakes of our systems, the products that they find in stock and which order is confirmed and validates before 5 p.m. of Monday to Thursday or before 1 p.m. the Viernes they will be sent the same day and will submit to the following working day across company of messenger company. An order will be understood as confirmee and validated when it has been contacted personally by the client (in case of orders I counter

reimburse) or when there has been validated the payment (in case of forms of payment for bank or credit card).

In dates indicated as Christmas, Kings or special bridges the delivery 24 hours is not guaranteed due to the high volume of goods in the companies of transport. After the vacation periods, the sending can be delayed 24 or 48 hours due to the high volume of hanging sending. In sending to populations removed to more than 50 km from any delegation of the agency of transport, the delivery can change between 24 or 36 workable hours, on having treated itself about special situations. The Pleasure of the Gourmet, it saves itself the right to modify the delivery times without previous notice in case of orders of several bundles or of bundles of big dimensions. In all the cases The Pleasure of the Gourmet, it will notify to the client the delivery time foreseen for his order across e-mail.

Schedule of delivery The Pleasure of the Gourmet will send an e-mail to the client in the moment that the order is prepared for his sending, indicating the day of the receipt (normally the following day). We cannot assure that the orders should submit in a certain schedule. The delivery will be realized before 19:00 (normally in the morning). If you think that you can be absent and no other person can become a person in charge of gathering your order you must contact us as soon as possible to remind the delivery. Incidents in the delivery.

You must bear in mind that the expense of sending of your order supports a part of an only one I send to the destination that you indicate in your order. Once sent the order is not possible to change the direction of delivery. We ask you earnestly to check and to verify that the information that you facilitate to us for the delivery is correct. If the company of messenger company tries the delivery of your order and you are absent it will not return to try the delivery until you do not contact them in the telephone that will appear in the note of notice that they will leave or that we you will send for e-mail and / or sms. If the company of messenger company tries the delivery of your order for the second time and you are absent, you will have to gather your order for your means in the direction that corresponds to the delegation of the company of messenger company that takes the package.

In case that the present package some damage you it must indicate in the delivery note of the company of messenger company. If the package was in mint condition but the product had some hurt you must notify it to our e-mail of attention to the client ( in a term lower than 24 hours from his receipt in order that the company of messenger company takes charge of the change of the product.