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Payment Methods

We offer you different options to pay for your purchases:

- Transfer / Income into account

- PayPal

- Payment by credit or debit cards (BBVANET secure platform)

-Contra refund

 Transfer / Income in account
Selecting Bank transfer / Income account as payment form of an order will be displayed on the screen and in the order confirmation e-mail account numbers whose holder is karma online commerce, s.l., to which you can make the payment. It is very important to indicate in the transfer concept the order number assigned by or the name and surname to which the order was placed.

The account numbers to make the transfers or income into account are: ES27 0182 3249170201665866

The payment of the order will not be considered effective while our administration department does not have bank confirmation of the transfer (usually a day or two after its completion if they are made from different banks), regardless of the supporting documents.

Payment must be made for the total of the order in EUROS, and all possible bank and / or currency exchange fees are paid by the client. In the case of transfers made from outside Spain, the transfer must be ordered assuming the expenses of the issuing entity. If not, could withhold the order until the full amount of the order is received.

 This form of payment entails a percentage increase of 2% in the total of the order in concept of the commission that PayPal charges for processing the payment.

What is Paypal?
PayPal is a payment system that allows you to pay for your purchases on the Internet through a debit, credit and bank account card.

Buy safely.
With PayPal you can buy with total security without sharing the confidential financial information with the sellers. Your privacy is also protected with:

Privacy to fight against identity theft. What we do to help protect your information.

Prevention to help stop fraud. Our multiple anti-fraud systems work for you.

Protection for your purchases. Powerful measures that help protect your purchases.

Privacy to fight against identity theft.

When you use PayPal, you can be sure that your financial data is safe and not disclosed.

1. Your sensitive financial information is stored securely on our servers.

2. When using PayPal to pay on the Internet, you only provide your PayPal email address.

3. Sellers receive PayPal payment without ever seeing their financial information.

Feel safe with powerful coding. The information is sent automatically with a high level of data coding.
Stay informed with the automatic confirmation by email. To protect you from identity theft, all PayPal payments are followed by an email confirming the transaction.

Monitor your sensitive information. Basic security points on the Internet contains the Identity Protection Guide to help you avoid identity theft.

We also make sure you can buy safely with:

Prevention to help stop fraud: We put a brake on problems before they occur.

Protection for your purchases: we provide protection programs that are established to help you in the unlikely event that something goes wrong.

Prevention to help stop fraud.

To ensure that transactions on the Internet are always secure, PayPal's fraud programs work tirelessly.

1. Advanced technology
As a leader in security technology, we use industry-leading anti-fraud prevention to stop cybercrime.

2. Uninterrupted monitoring of transactions
To protect you against fraud and identity theft, we have a team of more than 2,000 specialists around the world, including former police officers who work with agencies around the world. Our experts:

 They will contact you immediately if we suspect there is fraud on your account.

They will work with authorities to close the fraudulent websites.

3. Vanguard anti-fraud models
All transactions are reviewed through patented leading models that help to end fraudulent activity.

4. PayPal verification system
This additional measure indicates that selected members have completed our verification system and our identity verification.

We also make sure you can buy safely with:

Privacy to fight against identity theft: We allow you to buy without sharing your financial information.

Protection for your purchases: We provide protection programs so that you can protect yourself in the im

Protection for your purchases
Paypal has developed several programs to protect your payments when buying from websites.

If you do not receive the item you have purchased, you can open a dispute and raise it to claim. The protection may vary depending on where you made the purchase.

You may be entitled to protection if you can recover the amount through the seller's account.

Extensive protection against unauthorized payments.

As a PayPal user, you are protected from unauthorized payments sent from your PayPal account.

As a fraud prevention measure, we will send an email confirmation for all online payments made with PayPal.

If you receive confirmation by email of a transaction that you have not approved, contact us immediately: we will try to resolve the problem as soon as possible. He will not be responsible for the costs.

 For more information visit the Paypal page.


You can also pay comfortably with your credit or debit card
Credit card. This form of payment is immediate, totally safe and verified by BBVA. All payments made through this form of payment will be validated by your bank and if accepted will be sent automatically and instantaneously. It requires a security key to be able to make this type of online payments. Consult your bank if you do not know your security code. VISA / VISA Electron and MasterCard / Maestro cards are accepted
VISA cards
VISA cards
MasterCard Cards
MasterCard Cards
American Express Cards
American Express Cards

This method of payment takes a commission from the transport agency of the 2% commission, with a minimum of € 2 and a maximum of € 50


This merchant agrees not to allow any transaction that is illegal, or is considered by the credit card brands or the acquiring bank, that may or has the potential to damage the goodwill of the same or to influence them negatively. The following activities are prohibited under the programs of the card brands: the sale or offer of a product or service that is not in full compliance with all laws applicable to the Buyer, Issuing Bank, Merchant, Card Holder, or cards

 In addition, the following activities are also explicitly prohibited:


"Sale of alcoholic beverages to children under 18"