Jamon bodega reserve boned "el maño" 5,5 k.
  • Jamon bodega reserve boned "el maño" 5,5 k.

Boneless Garham ham 5.5 k.


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Boneless Garham ham 5.5 k.
Sausages Garman is a company specialized in the manufacture and curing of sausages-hams with traditional methodology and in the purest style of Rioja. In the elaboration of our sausages and hams we give much importance to the origin and treatment that is given to the meat, for which We were forced to create a pig ganja (FARM EL CARRASCAL: dedicated to the breeding and fattening of premium pigs, including extensive pig breeding) and a slaughterhouse-cutting room (FRIGORIFICOS MANJARRES: dedicated to the slaughtering and cutting of pigs) . Due to the integration of all these phases of production, Sausages Garman can assure the maximum quality of its products.Jamón with a minimum of ten months of cure. Ideal product for the sausage due to its boning


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