Acorn Iberian Ham 8k Sierra gaditana
  • Acorn Iberian Ham 8k Sierra gaditana

Iberian ham shoulder gran reserva acorn guillen 5.7k guijuelo (Salamanca)


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Paleta jamon iberica gran reserva bellota guillen 5.7k guijuelo (Salamanca)
It is obtained from the forequarters of the pig. Stylized, with black hoof and thin reed. The external fat is soft and soft in texture. The profiling is V-shaped.

To meet the demand of our customers, we also made white pigs' pallets.

Available quality

- Iberian Bellota Pallet

- Iberian Field Bait Pallet

Healing time

Quality Acorn: Since 22 months.

Quality Bait and Field Bait: Between 16 and 20 months.



We use both games Iberian pig 100% Iberian breed, like the Iberian breed pigs 75% *. In both cases, the morphological presentation is the same and the result of the product is similar, with some variations. Traceability of these is presented from March 2014.

* 75% Iberian breed are animals that registration in the herd book or recorded the DNA of its predecessor line, are considered full Iberian breed, but can not trace his genealogy with 100% reliability. The rest of the DNA matches breeds similar to the Iberian pig called.


These animals feed on regime of absolute freedom, for an average of 18 months to two years. This feed comprised of grass and acorns also free regime is the real determinant of the quality of pigs, and therefore their hams. In our opinion it is this, rather than the purity of the breed, the differentiating factor for the final quality of a good Iberian ham Cumbres Mayores. And the difficulty of having these animals, the degree of differentiation of producers who make the real Iberian ham.

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