Jamon IBERIAN bait Navidul 5 to 5.2 kilos xtremadura


Weight from 5 kilos and 5.2 kilos
Navidul Palette Iberian Extremadura to enjoy a smaller piece of the best Iberian produced in our drying sheds Trujillo (Caceres).

These pieces from Iberian herds selected 100% pure Iberian mothers go through a long process of more than 18 months of healing, culminating four months of rest in storage until the blades acquire unique nuances of aroma and flavor. Upon completion of healing, each piece is selected according to strict criteria texture, shape and creeks that guarantee the user can buy the Iberian palette bait highest quality market.

Navidul Palette Iberian Extremadura is perfect for those who are thinking of buying a ham but opt for a smaller piece, more intense flavor and at a lower price.

97.89 € tax incl.

97.89 € per 1

Formas de Pago
Formas de Pago

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