Queso de Cabra semicurado Payoyo
  • Queso de Cabra semicurado Payoyo

Cheese of Goat semitreated Payoyo 2.2 kg


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Whole milk cheese enzymatic coagulation, very light color due to its natural crust, very creamy, nut flavor, with a maturation minimum of 35 days and slightly acid and tasty.
Payoyo cheese is a brand and not a denomination of origin, as some people think. Of course, the Official Cattle Breed Catalog of Spain includes the payoya-Montejaqueña goat within the native goat breeds in danger of extinction. However, the success of the payoyo cheese suggests that the hut breeds quickly and is no longer in danger of its continuity.


Cheese, whole milk clotting enzyme, very light in color due to natural rind, very creamy, nutty flavor with a minimum maturity of 60 days and slightly acid and tasty.

Formats: 1,000 grams. and 2,000 grams. approx.

Nationwide awards:

... Year 2001, 2003, 2004 - Castilla-Leon: GOLD

... Year 2006 - Award Guadalteba Andalusia: GOLD

... Year 2015 - Teba Artisan Cheese Fair: SILVER

... Year 2013 - Ficade (Granada): GOLD

Award World Cheese Awards:

... Year 2007, 2010, 2011 - BIRMINGHAM: SILVER

... 2013, 2014 - LONDON: BRONZE

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