Payoyo cheese cured goat in butter 2 k.
  • Payoyo cheese cured goat in butter 2 k.

Payoyo cheese cured goat wrapped wheat bran 2 k.


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Payoyo cheese cured goat wrapped wheat bran 2 k.
Cheese of whole milk of enzymatic coagulation, with a maturation minimum of 105 days. Smeared with Iberian melted butter and wheat bran, remaining in storage for another 90 days. Traditional old recipe used in mountain villages as a natural conservation of cheese, dating back to the time of the Romans. Taste very intense and tasty, but very soft to the palate. Format: 2 kg


Product elaborated in the province of Cadiz, more specifically in Villaluenga del Rosario.
The Payoyos cheeses are made with milk produced by farmers in the regions of Cadiz and Ronda, more specifically three natural parks: Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park, Alcornocales Natural Park and Sierra de las Nieves Natural Park in the Sierra de Ronda, serving as a stimulus for livestock for the maintenance of the different breeds, including the Goat Payoya.

With the name of Payoyo, one of the artisan cheeses produced in the province of Cadiz is known, specifically Villaluenga del Rosario, perhaps the best known and internationally recognized, as one of the most awarded cheeses in international fairs.

Villaluenga del Rosario is the smallest town in the province of Cadiz, but has the king of cheese. Goat Payoya's cheese, the most awarded in the world, is cured between mountains to achieve its unique flavor.

Nationwide awards:

... Year 2003 - Gourmet Cheese: FINALIST

... Year 2004 - Gourmet Cheese: BRONZE

... Year 2005 - Gourmet Cheese: SILVER

... Year 2008 - Cinch Castilla-Leon: GOLD

International Awards Level:

... Year 2010 - World Cheese Awards: GOLD

... Year 2011, 2013 - World Cheese Awards: SILVER

... Year 2014 - World Cheese Awards: BRONZE

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