Aged Sheep Cheese Zamora Pastor piece 3 kilos. 37 euros


Aged Sheep Cheese Zamora Pastor piece 3 kilos. 37 euros

Zamorano cheese began to break into markets in May 1993, the date on which obtained the Denomination of Origin, which guarantees its own character and course quality.
Made with raw sheep's milk, our cheese with Designation of Origin Zamorano, it is the result of the combination of two of our native breeds of sheep: the sheep Churra and Castellana sheep.

This aged sheep cheese, made with great care, great dedication throughout the process, and a cure for almost a year, becomes an exclusive, special and unique cheese. It is an intense cheese flavor and smell.

A raw milk of Churra and Castellana sheep, salt, rennet and preservative E-1105 (derived from egg).

hard, firm and with some eyes, ivory yellow paste. Strong odor characteristic of sheep cheese. highly developed, spicy and persistent flavor. Intense aroma with salt perception.

51.38 € tax incl.

51.38 € per 1

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