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    Barbadillo bottled the first manzanilla in 1821. Since then, this company so family as centenary has not stopped growing.

    What started by being a producing warehouse of manzanillas, wines of Sherry and brandies, has turned into a group of great international projection that beside developing new products inside his geographical zone has incorporated warehouses in other Names of Origin like Warehouses and Vineyards Royal Vega in the D.O. Bank of Douro and Warehouse Pyrenees in the D.O. Somontano

    This company owes his long path of successes to a firm bet for the innovation and the professionalism. Values that, in turn, augur a future of constant expansion. Nowadays Barbadillo is present in more than 50 markets, between) which there are United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Denmark and E.E.U.U. and continues his expansion


    Buy Grupo Estevez wines at the best price and direct from the winery.

    The Herederos de Argüeso Winery was founded by León de Argüeso and Argüeso in 1822. D León de Argüeso had settled in Sanlúcar a few years earlier from Arija (Burgos), initially opened a small grocery business, called "Almacén del Reloj" (Calle Bolsa), which was progressively prospering. In order to create the vinatera company, León de Argüeso acquired some old soleras and the "San José" winery, in the Santo Domingo alley, which was the first one that had the business and whose antiquity is estimated in more than 250 years


    Buy the wines of Cesar Florido at the best price and direct from the winery.

    A family winery with a wine tradition dating back to the 18th century and to date have been happening from parents to children. Currently the Cesar Florido winery is a craft company located in Chipiona, which sells in the domestic market and exports small items of local wines such as Chipiona's famous Muscat.


    Buy the wines of sherry from the wineries EMILIO HIDALGO at the best price and direct from the winery.
    In the second half of the s. XIX the Hidalgo family begins the winemaking activity starting from wine soleras and vineyards of their property. At the beginning of the 20th century, D. Emilio Hidalgo and Hidalgo already had an affiliated business, a delegation in London and presence in many countries. Since 1970, already incorporated in a joint-stock company, it develops a very important export activity in the markets of England, Holland, Germany and Austria, as well as in the USA, Japan, Denmark, Italy, France and Belgium. Nowadays, extraordinary wine and brandy foundations have been preserved, which have been continued, increased and enriched, being the fifth generation of the founding family which is dedicated to the winemaking work.


    Buy the wines of sherry from the wineries FERNANDEZ GAO at the best price and direct from the winery.

    Bodegas Fernández-Gao is synonym of tradition and dedication for to Sherries

    Fernandez GAO:

    Bodegas Fernández-Gao is the continuation of Fernández-Gao Vinos y Brandies in the XXI century, house founded in 1750, being one of the oldest in the Jerez domain.

    With a young and rejuvenated team, Bodegas Fernández-Gao is seeking exclusiveness with the limited production of Jerez´s most represensitive wines: Oloroso , Palo Cortado, Amontillado, Medium Sweet and Brandy.

    With a modern image and adapted to the new times , Bodegas Fernández-Gao wants to be in avante-garde of the Wines a Brandies of Jerez , an ample vision with a new concept where you can enjoy a quality wine , to drink alone or pair it with great gastronomy.

    Equally Bodegas Fernández-Gao and the Marquis of Campo Real dating from (1689) have united synergy in this new stage full of excitement.



    Buy the wines from Sherry from the Bodegas FUNDADOR at the best price and direct from the winery.

    In 1874, it is born FOUNDING, the most international brand of Brandy of Sherry.
    Founder penetrated borders up to being the brand(mark) most known in the universe of the Brandies, opening a wide way in order that the world was dazzled by the Brandies of Sherry

  • Bodegas Rey Fernando de Castilla

    Buy the sherry wines from the REY FERNANDO DE CASTILLA wineries at the best price and direct from the winery


    Buy the sherry wines from the TRADITION cellars at the best price and direct from the winery.

    Bodegas Tradición is the only winery in Jerez that exclusively bottles very old wines that are a reference of each of the sherry styles, and which are able to satisfy all the senses. Our products have not been altered with sweeteners or colored wine, they have not been clarified, they have not been filtered or stabilized in the cold, nor sulfites have been added during the aging process. In other words these are genuine wines, authentic styles and are endorsed by many of the most important wine critics.

  • Bodegas Ximénez Spínola

    Buy the sherry wines from Bodegas Ximénez Spínola at the best price and direct from the winery.


    Buy the sherry wines from the Bodegas YUSTE at the best price and direct from the winery.


    Buy the sherry wines from the Bodegas DELGADO ZULETA at the best price and direct from the winery.

    Thin Zuleta is the most ancient warehouse of the Frame of Sherry. As he retires) in different documents of his file, his origins go back to the 18th century, belonging) the most ancient file found in the wide file of the company 1719.

    On June 24, 1974 there is adopted the trade name that is kept at present: Thin Zuleta S.A., and four years later the merger takes place(is produced) with the warehouse sanluqueña Rodríguez Digs S.A., though the name of the company is not modified.


    Buy the wines of Sherry from Bodegas DIEZ MERITO at the best price and direct from the winery.

    Una Bodega in the Name of origin Sherry is something only. In no other place of the world this singular wine grows up with his system of criaderas and crossbeams. The Warehouse Díez Mérito reaches two hundred years of history with wines and names that will conquer our senses.
    In 1876 the brothers Díez and Perez de Muñoz, began in Sherry a wine-producing business. Joining a few years later with his brother Francisco, creating "Díez Hermanos", it was at the time when his Majesty the King Alfonso XII grants them, the honorific title of " Supplier of the Royal House " and with it the use of the " Shield of Royal Weapon " in invoices and labels.


    Buy the sherry wines from the DOMECQ wineries at the best price and direct from the winery.

    In the year 1999 Álvaro Domecq Romero acquires Pilar Aranda's former Warehouses and begins to sell his(her,your) wines under the trade name: " Álvaro Domecq S.L. " From a beginning, the company designs a strategy orientated to the production and commercialization of products sealed by the quality, differing from the wide existing offer, acquiring the most excellent musts that our experts choose in the best warehouses of the frame of Sherry. This wine of must is raised in boots of American oak by the traditional system of crossbeams and criaderas in a totally handcrafted way.

    In the summer of 2007 our project takes a new dimension with the entry in his) shareholders of the Corporation Inveravante (, presided by D. Manuel Jove Capellán, ratifying a bet for the quality of our products. At present, Álvaro Domecq, S.l. elaborates and commercializes the following categories of wines: - wines of Sherry (I Die, Manzanilla, Fragrantly, Cream, Amontillado, Cut Stick(Wood) and Pedro Ximénez) - Wines of other Names (Wheel and La Rioja) - Brandies - Vinegars.


    Buy the wines of Sherry from the Bodegas GONZALEZ BYASS at the best price and direct from the winery.


    The Warehouses Jose Estévez S.A. are the successors of the signature Jose Leña Rendón and Company, established in 1809 and dedicated to the upbringing of Sherry and Brandies.

    From 1974 the family Estévez controls 100 % of the company. In 1984 it was decided to change the name of the company to the current JOSE ESTEVEZ, S.A.. This Company, always of family character, has given a great importance to the aging of his) wines, taking care of them with great conscientiousness and interest.

    In 1982 Jose Estévez of the Kings buys an important package of the actions of the Warehouses MARQUESS OF THE ROYAL EXCHEQUER, and in 1985 the family Estévez takes the control of these Warehouses, giving him a strong and important economic, financial and professional impulse, managing in 1989 to have 95 % of the actions of the Company.

    The same year 1989, the family Estévez planned a plan to fuse both companies, JOSE ESTEVEZ, S.A. and MARQUESS OF THE ROYAL(REAL) EXCHEQUER, S.A., investing(inverting) in a few newest facilities which it) possesses(relies on) nowadays. These facilities suppose the creation of new offices, warehouses of upbringing, plants of bottling, refrigeration, stores, laboratories and controlled fermentation. This new restructuring does that the new Warehouses JOSE ESTEVEZ, S.A. is equipped with the most modern machinery and technology of the country. Continuing with this philosophy of expansion, in May, 1993 the international brand(mark) is acquired I DIE UNCLE MATEO, as well as all his(her,your) crossbeams, in September, 1999 there is acquired one of the most ancient Warehouses of Sherry, A.R. VALDESPINO and in 2007 there is done under control of the companies Children of Rainera Perez Marín and M. Gil Luque, owners of Sanlúcar's known Manzanilla " The Twine ", leader of the market.

Showing 1 - 15 of 23 items
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