EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL Masia el altet "premium" ALICANTE pic./arbeq./genovesa/blanqueta 50 CL.


EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL Masia el altet premium ALICANTE pic./arbeq./genovesa/blanqueta 50 CL.
Location: Alcoy (Alicante)

Variety: 30% Changlot Real (Indigenous), 30% of Picual, and 40% of Genovesa and Blanqueta.
Extra virgin olive oil, complex, fruity, with great personality, and very long persistence in the mouth.
In the nose, freshly cut fresh grass, leaf and stem of artichoke, green banana, apple and some citrus, fig, aromatic herbs (thyme, rosemary, ...), endive, endivias, rúcola, tomatera-tomate, skin of walnut green ; And other secondary spontaneous perception.
In the mouth, it has a sweet and slightly less dense entry than HIGH QUALITY, escarole, freshly cut alfalfa, freshly cut turf, wheat and barley in spring, then complex nuances of tomato-tomatera, green fruits , Aromatic herbs, green banana, with a somewhat pungent aftertaste demonstrating its quality in polyphenols.

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