Honey Thousand Flowers, 4Kg RANCHO COURTIER
  • Honey Thousand Flowers, 4Kg RANCHO COURTIER

Thousand Flowers Honey ECO Organic Production 500 Grs RANCHO COURTIER


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Honey Thousand Flowers, 500 gr RANCHO COURTIER
It is collected in forests and meadows where there is great variety of flowers. It facilitates digestive functions and increases energy. It is recommended as a substitute for sugar.
The mineral constituents of honey confer undeniable medicinal properties:
* Honey cures or alleviates intestinal disorders, stomach ulcers, insomnia, sore throats, throat certain conditions, certain heart conditions and increases muscle force. Facilitates calcium retention; ossification active output teeth.
* For external use, heals burns, wounds and rhinopharyngeal conditions (instillation), thanks to an inhibin that provides antibacterial properties.
* For its mild laxative power, it is the best natural food that exists, avoiding unnecessary fats.
* Allergy and immune system. There is research linking the daily consumption of 2 or 3 teaspoons of honey in the yogurt and tea or directly, in strengthening the immune system.


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