clove 265 grams bean pot barrack


Also known as: Clove, Clavero, Nail Tree, Clove.
Uses: enhances many dishes of Asian cuisine. It is part of the mix of Chinese five spice and widely used in Indian curries. In England we found the chutney (seasoning made from fruits, vegetables and strong spices, such as cloves) used as a companion of meat, poultry or pates. Kebuli in Indonesian nasi (fried chicken with rice) is used as a flavoring. In Europe it goes mainly to game meats; It is traditional to introduce an apple, with nails pricked at the mouth of the roasts. Flavored desserts, like cookies, pies (apple pie and compote), cakes, puddings, and is part of the ingredients of punch.
Aroma: intense and penetrating.

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