Conservas melva la tarifeña 1k
  • Conservas melva la tarifeña 1k

preserves melva Piñero 1.8 kg


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preserves melva Piñero 1.8 kg
Canned artisan steak from Melva de Andalucía from Almadraba in Sunflower Oil. Tin Net weight 1,770 grams

Packaging Format: RO1800 Type of Container Tinplate / Round / Ø150x110 mms. Scientific Name: auxis rochei or auxis thazard Coverage Liquid: Sunflower refined sunflower oil (R.T.S.-308/83) Scientific Name: Fillet Weight Gross / Net: 2,030 grams. / 1,770 grams Drained Weight: 1,170 grams

Melva is a delicious source of oleic, linoleic and omega 3 fatty acids. It provides mineral salts and quality protein. It is a food of easy digestion, and also an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. Thanks to the preservation process, all these qualities arrive intact at your table.

The pieces that do not surpass the 600 grams of weight are denominated canuteras melvas (The Melva Canutera is the young melva, of smaller size but more juicy than the biggest specimens). The color of the fillets of melva is pink, except in the canuteras, which have a grayish white color. They have a compact texture, with a very characteristic flavor and aroma completely different from the rest of the tuna.

Like all blue fish, the melva is a very healthy food with high nutritional value, ideal to maintain a healthy and balanced diet, typically Mediterranean.


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