Extra bar Mojama pieces
  • Extra bar Mojama pieces

Extra bar Mojama pieces Barbate 300gr


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They served from 250 gr.

Ingredients: Tuna (Thunnus albacares, capture fisheries, FAO 34
and 27) and salt.
Previously frozen tuna for more than 48 h, 100% safe
against Anisakis.


The secret of Herpac to develop our unique cured is simple: raw material of first quality artisan hands, just salt and healing time for products like the roe, tuna, octopus or roe. In the case of tuna flank and Sardinian, its long maturation is essential for the final result.

In addition, Herpac is one of the few companies that continues to have a genuine natural drying. It is open to the winds of the Straits, which provides a unique healing.

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