Zehn Merit Amontillado Sherry 70cl.
  • Zehn Merit Amontillado Sherry 70cl.

Amontillado Sherry Gonzalez Byass Herzog V.O.R.S.30 Jahre

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Del Duque. Amontillado VORS
Wein: Amontillado VORS Alter von 30 Jahren
Box: 1 Flaschen
Format: 75cl.
Herkunft: O.D. Sherry
Bodega: Tio Pepe
Typ: Dessertwein
Abschluss: 21,5%
Weinberg : Die Zahlungen Carrascal und Macharnudo
Varietal: Palomino
Zubereitung: Fertiger und Brütereien


Wine class: generous Wine type: amontillado sherry Grape variety: Palomino fino Soil: albariza / Jerez Superior Wine press: continuous Fermentation: First phase tumultuous , second phase slow. Fermentation temperature: at 22-24ºC, by refrigerated system Must: approx. 11% alc. by volume. Fortification: the alcohol strength is raised, adding wine alcohol, from 11% to 15% at first and, after three years, to 17%. Ageing: First biological, under a yeast layer for three years, followed by oxidation for more than nine years. Age: over 12 years old in the traditional Jerez system of criaderas (5) and solera. Barrels: American oak, called butts, capacity 500 litres. Final alcohol content: 18% vol. Colour: old gold to amber Aroma: deeply pungent and smooth.(hazelnuts) Palate: mild and light. Serving: at a temperature of 14ºC, ideal with poultry and blue fish, cured ham and mature cheese etc. 

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