Sherry Medium Dry Sack 75 cl.
  • Sherry Medium Dry Sack 75 cl.

SHERRY oloroso wine 75cl BERTOLA BODEGA medium.


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sherry oloroso wine BODEGA medium BERTOLA 75 cl.Definition: Community terms Liquor Wine Quality Produced in a Specific Region, (liqueur wines psr, CE R1493 / 99), in Spain, generous liqueur wine and aging, with Designation of Origin Jerez - Xeres - Sherry, Oloroso doomed or medium in Anglo-Saxon term.

Grape Type: Palomino and Pedro Ximenez.
Vineyards: Superior. Payment Balbaína and Carrascal.
Graduation: 19.5% alc./vol.
Wine type: Medium Sherry.
Sugar content: 28 gr./l.s.

Crianza than 5 years


Production(Elaboration): Musts of yolk, fermentation controlled to 28ºC. Fortification with distilled alcohol of wine up to(even) 19.5 º, mixes of sobretablas of Dove and Pedro Ximénez to the wait of enters Criaderas's system and Crossbeams, upbringing and aging of the physical type - chemically for oxidation during a minimal average time of six years, as result, singular fragrant this one led, ó medium, that the Britishers call.

Note of trying: There came from color brilliant amber of intense aroma that resembles dried fruits and nut. To the palate it(he) turns out to be full, harmonious, slightly acid and lightly sweetly.

Preference of consumption: it(he,she) Can think only or with ice, advisably so much in the appetizer as(like) to accompany pastas(cash).

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