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    The rum is an alcoholic drink, revealed of the sugar cane for fermentation, distillation and that later can or not to be submitted to processes of añejamiento, generally in casks of oak.


    Alcoholic drink obtained for ladestilación of the malt fermented of cereals as barley, wheat, rye and maize(corn), and his(her,your) later(posterior) aging in barrels of wood, traditionally of white oak. This alcoholic drink is commercialized by an alcoholic content of between(among) 40 and 62 % of the volume. The términowhisky or whiskey derives from the Scotch Gael " uisge beatha " and from the Irish Gael " uisce beathadh ", that mean " water of life ", from the Latin aqua vitae.

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    GIN-TONIC HAVANA 62CL C / 6U COPAGlass balloon Gin Tonic transparent glass. It is the ball-bowl for combinations that we are all looking for: large, resistant, transparent glass and at a good price.

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    GENEVA LINTON HILL 70CL.Produced by triple distillation of high purity alcohol with berries of juniper, coriander, angelica root and aromatic barks of citrus fruits, apart from other botanists. An authentic London Dry Gin of Premium quality. Graduation (Vol.): 40.60 ° Tasting note Color: Clean and transparent Nose: Soft and pleasant (juniper) Mouth: Spicy...

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    Whiskey 12 years Scottish langs 70 cl.Langs Select 12 Years is a fantastic Premium Type Blended Whiskey with a 40% Alcoholic Degree with Scotland origin, certainly one of the best in the Whiskey category.

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    Graduation (Vol.): 43.00 ° Format: 70 cc Observations After decades of exporting 'Jerkie' boots to whiskey distilleries in Scotland, in 1955 a selection of Malta Whiskey was selected in a small set of boots from various distilleries destined for Valdespino vessels. From that moment on, this distillate became old by the system of Soleras y Criaderas in the...

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    Whiskey 21 years old glengoyne escoces 70clGlengoyne malt whiskey has been aged in barrels of Jerez for a long period of 21 years, hence its intense color, as well as its flavor. Last awarded prizes: Silver Medal in the category Scotch Single Malt - Highland - 2014 by International Wine & Spirit Competition.Y Gold medal in the category Scotch Single...

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