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    Alubia very soft and versatile, packed with the best selected whole grains, clean, uniform, free of odor and with a percentage of humidity less than 15%. It has a very healthy nutritional parameters (52.5% carbohydrate, 20% protein, 4.2% fiber and 1.4% fat), which makes it ideal for a balanced diet. Please enjoy them in cooked dishes.

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    CASTELLANA LENTEJA SELECTA. Duckweed size than the rest, its color is light green. exceeding 6 mm caliber. With avinados tones, and even darker shadesNUTRITIONAL VALUES (per 100 g. Of product)ENERGY 370 Kcal / 1569 KJPROTEIN 20.50 g.FATS 1.42 g.Carbohydrates 61 g.FOOD FIRBA 13.60 g.RDA (recommended daily allowance) 96.4%

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    LONG WHITE BEAN SELECT. Grain white, bright color and elongated shape and straight. Its flavor and texture make it an excellent culinary qualities bean.NUTRITIONAL VALUES (per 100 g. Of product)ENERGY 346 Kcal / 1563 KJPROTEIN 22.30 g.FATS 1.388 g.Carbohydrates 61.30 g.FOOD FIBER 21.30 g.RDA (recommended daily allowance) 37.1%

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    LENTEJA PARDINA FIELD GROUND IGP. Grain brown-brown or reddish-brown color. nice and soft on the palate. Very thick in baking. This product is covered by the Regulatory Council (Protected Geographical Identity) for the Lentil Tierra de Campos. NUTRITIONAL VALUES (per 100 g. Of product)ENERGY 350 Kcal / 1485 KJPROTEIN 24,70 g.FATS 1.19g.Carbohydrates 60.10...

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    Garbanzo resizable according harvests. Their quality is excellent and its white light.NUTRITIONAL VALUES (per 100 g. Of product)ENERGY 370 Kcal / 1569 KJPROTEIN 20.50 g.FATS 1.42 g.Carbohydrates 61 g.FOOD FIRBA 13.60 g.RDA (recommended daily allowance) 96.4%

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    According to Greek mythology, thyme was born from a tear of Helen of Troy, daughter of the god Zeus, teardrop Trojans obtained warriors strength to fight. This association of thyme with the inherited value Roman warriors, who bathed in water scented with thyme to gain strength and courage before the fight.

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  • 2.63 €

    Together with basil, oregano is one of the most commonly used herbs in Italy, and is present in as traditional as pizza or ossobucco dishes. The name of this spice derived from the Greek words oros and ganos, meaning mountain and joy. Therefore, the translation of the word oregano would mean "Mount Joy".

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    Fruit of the herbaceous plant of the samename belonging to the family ofSolanaceae. Originating in AmericaChile, in Spain known asguindilla, was added to ourcountry by Christopher Columbus in 1493,and he brought him on his first trip.

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    Kidney bean is a bean white grain Salamanca, oblong, straight, half full and rather large. Once cooked its texture is buttery, not in vain in many areas are known by the name "butter", adapting to any type of stew and leaving a linked broth.

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Showing 1 - 9 of 39 items
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