SHERRY VINEGAR BOOK 25.D.E. Paez Morilla bot 75 cl


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This vinegar is obtained after aging in American oak casks from Jerez wines from Palomino Fino, with an age of five to ten years. It presents an acetic 8th graduation.
It is made using the solera system, traditional method used in raising sherry. Of the total number of barrels Solera Reserva, 50% of them are first of acetificación hatcheries, supplied with selected our Solera great taste vinegars, and the rest is La Solera Aging, where our vinegar acquires its typical color characteristics and taste, after the traditional process of aging in barrels of oak ..

Nose: Emphasizes its great harmony and aging aromas with spicy notes recalling the old sherries.

Boca: It shows the delicious, round, balanced and time-intensive, highlighting the aftertaste itself a product of great old age.

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