Vino SHERRY Brandy Veterano 1 litro.


Vino Jerez Brandy Veterano 1 liter.
  Is a spirit drink obtained from holandas; Low-grade wine spirits (65 °) associated with distilled wine spirits (94.5 °); Which are aged in American oak boots previously wrapped with Olorosos de Jerez wines following the traditional dynamic system of aging in Criaderas y Soleras
Wine Spirit:
Brandy de Jerez is a spirit of wine, as long as its raw material is the result of wine distillation.
As is known, distillation is an absolutely natural process of separation (by heat and cold) of certain components of the wine, which requires technique and good work to achieve the evaporation of the best characteristics of the wines - those that make up the aroma and Taste of the same - but not other little pleasant that all the wines, in general, contain.

      Hence the spirit of wine is spoken

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