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Graduation Geneva Hendricks Gin: 44th.
Geneva Hendricks Gin is the winner of the double gold medal in 2004 at the San Francisco International Spirits Competition.


The famous gin Gin Hendricks Gin has made famous Gin Tonic combo with cucumber ces.
The Gin Hendrick's Gin is unique for its botanical peculiarity, for its distillation of flowers, roots, fruits and seeds from all over the world and at the end of the distillation is added an infusion of rose petals and cucumber which grants it Those subtle nuances that characterize it.
The Gin Hendricks Gin is a gin. Gin Hendricks Gin is a gin peculiarly elaborated with a focus in its elaboration based on the small quantities. The Gin Hendriks Gin is made in small pieces of 450 liters so that the master distiller has all the Control over the process, so it is considered a gin of "limited production" when a production of less than 1000 liters is made in each consignment.
The Geneva Hendricks gin is distilled in Scotland in 2 stills: the Bennet Alembic and the Carter-Head Alembic. This union of two different liquors manages to create an extraordinarily soft and balanced gin but with character.
The prestigious Wall Street Journal proclaimed in 2003 to gin Hendricks Gin like the best gin of the world. Lovers of this Scottish gin are distributed all over the world. The Brand Ambassador of Geneva Hendricks Gin is called Marco Calaza and his passion is the cocktails.
After his intense preparation at the William Grant & Sons de Hendricks Gin distillery, in Girvan (Scotland) where he knew all the wonderful world surrounding Hendricks gin, Marco was dedicated to taking his passion for this Geneva to all corners of Spain, Giving his best advice to make the best Gin Tonic or as the Hendricks & Tonic says, but he also likes to surprise with a very exotic gin cocktail called Green Cooler, a cocktail very cool and unusual for its mixture of ingredients.

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