BOMBAY GIN ORIGINAL BOT. 70 CL..Buy 6 units with a 5% discount


Buy 6 units with a 5% discount

Origin: England.
Graduation: 40% vol.
Distillations 5 time (1761 Recipe)
Capacity: 70 cl.
Botanicals: juniper berries (Italy), angelica root (Saxony), almonds (Spain), licorice (China), cassis (Indochina), Morocco's coriander seeds, lemon zest (Spain) and the iris root (Italy)
Bombay origin remains faithful to the 1761 recipe, one of its main traditional features from single folding, which, however, should not additive concentrate or after the distillation process. The distillate will result directly in the cylinder where it is mixed with only pure water to reduce the alcohol graduation. In addition, the real process is always performed in the original copper pot still, dating from 1831.

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