Brockmans London Dry Gin BOT. 70 CL.
  • Brockmans London Dry Gin BOT. 70 CL.

Bulldog London Dry Gin BOT. 70 CL.


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Bulldog is a newcomer to the scene of the premium gins. Produced in London and with a strong personality that is already reflected in the iconic black bottle with a spiked collar. This is a gin with four batch distillation in copper stills, triple filtered and flavorings 12 botanical varieties. It has an extremely smooth texture with fruit and citrus notes that give a fresh character. The Bulldog Gin is probably one of the best options for combination. In the recipe for Bulldog London Dry is the inclusion of longan, a close relative of Chinese lychee fruit, also known as Dragon's Eye and according to traditional Chinese medicine promotes sexual potency, revitalizes the heart, calms the nerves and brightens skin and ojos.También includes lotus leaves, poppy seeds, lemon, almond, cassia, lavender, orris root, licorice root, angelica root, coriander and juniper berries obviously.


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