MARTIN MILLER'S ginebra inglesa botella 70 cl


Unica, extravagant and modern is exceptionally smooth, silky and floral premium gin. I produced by Martin Miller, antiquarian author of Miller's Antique Price Guide and product dissatisfaction and a point of madness, the Millers is a gin with 5 distillations in small batches in which is considered the Rolls-Royce of stills, produced by John Dore & Company in 1903. cassia bark, Florentine iris root and coriander are among its ingredients. After distillation the alcohol barrels traveling more than 3,000 miles to Iceland where it will be mixed with what is considered the purest water in the world, glaciers distilled and filtered through the volcanic rock is passed. The result is a marvel of softness with aromas of jasmine and white flowers, juniper and a slight citrus point. In the mouth it is silky and cardamom, pepper and finally juniper in a warm explosion appear.

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