PETER KING vodka 70 cl


Peter King Vodka is presented as one of the great Polish vodkas. It is made by hand, using selected ingredients of the highest quality.

This premium vodka is made with rye Dankowskie, a unique variety of rye is grown only in the cold plains of Poland. It is distilled 5 times to maintain the flavor and aroma only pure rye. After numerous filtered with pure spring water and activated carbon filters, a crystal vodka is obtained with a purity greater.

King Peter Vodka has a scent is soft with intense notes of rye. The palate is creamy, with a long, clean finish.

King Peter Vodka comes in an elegant bottle inspired by Peter the Great, Tsar founder of St. Petersburg.

42.32 € tax incl.

42.32 € per 1

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Formas de Pago

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