Red wine Tintilla Luis Perez 75 cl.
  • Red wine Tintilla Luis Perez 75 cl.

Red wine Tintilla Luis Perez 75 cl.


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tained(Red) wine of the Earth of Cadiz of the Warehouse Luis Perez elaborated from the variety Tintilla of Rattan (herma of the grape graciano). It(he,she) qualit came from limited issue realized from the grape of 2012 with 12 months of crinza in casks of French oak.

A wine of very singular quality of this great from Cadiz warehouse. The soil Salt-water lagoon where the vineyards grow up contributes an unmistakable character.


Garnet characterizes for a color high cap. In nose it(he) is intense and a Franc, with recollections to currants, laurel, blackberries, black pepper, nut moscada and chocolate. It(he,she) is characterized by a sweet tannin that makes it silky but powerful, of an intense but refreshing posttaste due to the characteristic acidity of the Tintilla.


Plates with vegetables, dried fruits, roast vegetables; meats of hunt(fighter) frivolous(lewd) stews, rice, semihard cheeses. As dessert with quinces or chocolate.


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