Ron Brugal Extra Viejo is the result of the accumulated experience of the five generations of the Brugal family, presents a renewed image that stays true to the essence that inspired his Roneros Masters.
Ron Brugal Extra Añejo presents a dark amber color, in which mixes the aromas of the cane with the well-worked oak and fine memories of honey. In flavor behaves splendid, sweet, bodied and very tasty.
The Brugal Extra Viejo bottle is wrapped with a handmade mesh, retaining its glass that enhances the amber color of the premium rum, aged in barrel.

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Formas de Pago
Formas de Pago

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The new premium rum brand is presented as the smoothest rum reserves the Brugal family adapted to the most demanding palates.
the flavor of ICT is put through a double process of aging, first in barrels of American white oak and subsequent adequate rest, decanted to European oak barrels that red-served to aging wine Pedro Ximenez fragrant. The result is a smooth, aromatic rum with a slight presence of woody note and hints of caramel, honey and nuts. Soft, fruity and slightly sweet, which: has a good finish, light and well balanced.
To test rating Brugal XV, a good option is the fifteenth dry Daiquiri, including lemon, sugar, sugar syrup and squeezed a slice of lemon. In addition, Brugal commitment to XV old dry cocktail with sugar syrup, orange oil with a few drops of concentrated sour or bitter flavors that enhance the grade of the distillate Fashioned

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