Ron Captain Morgan Spiced Gold (1 Lt.)


Ron Captain Morgan Spiced Gold (1 Lt.)
Ron Morgan Morgan Spiced Gold (1 Lt.) is another product of Diageo, one of the most important companies in the manufacture and distribution of distillates, which is produced at its Captain Morgan Rum Co. distillery on St. Croix Island.
It consists of a secret mix of Caribbean rums from different islands, with soft spices and other natural flavors. This Captain Morgan Original Spiced rum is distilled three times in a column and matured in American white oak barrels where it has previously aged Bourbon, as it was used to in an old Jamaican formula, that's why it is known as Ron Captain Morgan Spiced Gold Of Jamaica.
It has a very bright golden amber color with a soft aroma rich in spices, sweet toasted milk, honey and fine toasted. This Caribbean rum Captain Morgan Spicer Gold has a medium body and home to perfection in tail coats.

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