Wine sherry cream Bodegas Urium 75 cl.


Vino jerez cream Bodegas Urium 75 cl.

The base of this wine is the Oloroso, of which it retains its body and its powerful aromas softened by the Pedro Ximénez that gives him the sweet notes.

Dark mahogany color and unctuous appearance. In the nose we recognize the characteristics of the fragrant with sweet touch, remember the caramel, the nougat and the carpiñadas. Velvety in the mouth, sweet and with a long aftertaste to nuts.

It can be taken as an appetizer with ice and slice of orange. Perfect dessert wine or accompaniment ideal for fruits such as melon, strawberries and oranges. Delicious with ice cream or pastries. Also try it with foie or blue cheeses. The operating temperature must be cold, between 11 and 13 ° C.

25.12 € tax incl.

25.12 € per 1

Formas de Pago
Formas de Pago

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