Wine Jerez fino Don Zoilo 75 cl.


Wine Jerez fino Don Zoilo 75 cl.
Mustos of first yolk of our best payments, static decanting in cold and fermentation at 22ºC, early slipping, classification by fineness, fortification to 15º with the best distillates of wine to obtain the traditional over-tables, transition to the system of aging and dynamic aging, classic Jerez de Criaderas y Soleras, for the 9th breeding place where the biological breeding under flower veil takes place in the traditional American oak boots of 30 and 36 @ capacity for a minimum average time of 8 years and as it runs through the nurseries Until reaching the hearth where the out is made for consumption.

Tasting note: Wine of golden color, very bright old gold. A sharp and intense and complex aroma reminiscent of the flower, almond notes. Very dry, fair acidity with a lot of body and very elegant character in the mouth, with great persistence retronasal. He came tremendously expressive and not forgotten.

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