Wine jerez cream don zoilo 75 cl. 12 years
  • Wine jerez cream don zoilo 75 cl. 12 years

Wine jerez amontillado don zoilo 75 cl. 12 years


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Wine sherry amontillado dulce (a winter`s talk) 75 cl
Definition: In Community terms Quality Liquor Wine Produced in a Particular Region, (VLCPRD, CE R1493 / 99), in Spain, generous wine of breeding liquor, with Denomination of Origin, Jerez - Xérès - Sherry, Oloroso Dulce or Cream In Anglo-Saxon terms.

Type of grape: Palomino, Pedro Ximénez and Moscatel.
Vineyards: Upper Jerez.
Graduation: 19.5% Alc./vol
Type of wine: Sherry, Very sweet Oloroso or Cream Sherry
Content in sugar: 105 gr./l
Elaboration: Buds of yolk. Controlled fermentation. Fortification to 19.5º, wise mixture of over boards of Palomino, Pedro Ximénez and Moscatel to enter in the system of Criaderas and Solera for its aging and aging of the physical - chemical type by oxidation in oak boots, average old age minimum of 12 years.


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