Tierra Blanca Semidulce VINO BLANCO SEMIDULCE


White, semisweet wine; elaborated with grapes selected of the varieties Thin Dove, Muscatel and Riesling harvested in our vineyards of The Vicaría in Arches of the Border, in full Saw of Cadiz.
Sight: The wine proves to be clean, brilliant and dense with yellow pale tones and greenish edges.

Nose: Fresh air(Fresco), amoscatelado, fruit tree and with floral notes.

Mouth: Velvet. Soft entry and glicérica. Fruit-bearing and tasty, balanced, round good and with persistent end(final).

6.60 € tax incl.

6.60 € per 1

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Formas de Pago
Formas de Pago

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