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    I die. It is characterized by his yellow straw color, cold takes but it is dry to the palate, and in addition intensely, softly and light, with a delicate aroma of air macaroon. His special characteristics are a result of his particular process of exclusive upbringing under veil of flower. His alcoholic acquired graduation is of 15 º.

    Manzanilla. In this type of wines the alcoholic degree will not be lower than 15 º. Of straw color, sharp, dry and light aroma to the palate, slightly acid. The special characteristics are the result of a particular process of upbringing under veil of flower and of the microclimate of the warehouses placed in Sanlúcar de Barrameda's city.


    OLOROSO.This type of wines presents a structure that advises a high heading of beginning, which provokes that the upbringing is not realized under the veil, and begins of entry with the upbringing oxidativa. Of hot and round aromas.

    Amontillado. Fruit of the merger of the biological upbringing and oxidativa. His production is the same that in case of the thin ones, but the upbringing in cask follows once the flower breaks


    The Cream is a generous wine of own(proper) liquor of the Frame of Sherry and of the County of Huelva, obtained from a mixture(mixing) of dry wine and sweet wine.

    Of color amber, smell dulzón that it(he,she) evokes to smells of happens(passes) and to black very sweet grapes, the taste is a sweet and creamy palate - of there deCream-. This wine is lightly less sweet than the Pedro Ximénez and something more alcoholic than this one, for what it(he,she) uses to accompany a dessert, tarts, creams or ice cream.


    The brandy or brandi is an unmatured brandy obtained across the distillation of the wine, almost always with 36-40 % of volume of alcohol, on having been sent to the market.

  • balsamic vinegars and...

    The vinegar, of French " vin aigre " (tart wine), is a product obtained by means of the action(share) of the acetic bacterium on a solution hidroalcohólica. One can produce vinegar from any food that ferments alcohol. Of there that exist vinegars of apple, of beet, of rice and, naturally, of wine.

    In case of the Vinegar of Sherry the acetificación takes place exclusively on the Wines of Sherry, good of the year without strengthening or in upbringing.