sherry CARLOS III brandy solera reserva botella 70 cl.


Undoubtedly, the history of Spanish brandy is the story of brandies Domecq. So, early in the century, it goes on sale CARLOS III, Jerez brandy covering the gap between the Boss and Carlos I and completed the range of brandies Domecq. Born of criaderas Carlos I, quickly he took the palate of consumers, earning a leadership position in the domestic market.

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Formas de Pago
Formas de Pago

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Brandy de Jerez  Solera Gran Reserva de Jerez, obtained from holland low alcohol (65º), after special distillation stills selected, healthy and balanced wines. Its production and aging process is characterized by a special and careful assembly of the different distillates that are part of its composition and its use in Aging American oak casks previously soaked in wine with Amontillado sherry Oloroso and following the traditional system dynamic aging Criaderas and sills.

Intense amber color with golden highlights. A nose, brandy high, very balanced, with notes of good spirit and enriched by notes of vanilla, snuff and pastries aromatic intensity. On the upside, broad, deep, persistent, and balanced, with frank retronasal sensations. Solera Gran Reserva Grade: Volume 38% Vol. 70 cl.

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