Brandy Lepanto Gran Reserva O.V.
  • Brandy Lepanto Gran Reserva O.V.

Brandy Lepanto Gran Reserva O.V.


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Intense colo amber with coppery tones. Clean and vigorous aromas with touches that resemble dried fruits, spices and wood it matures. In the palate he appears intensely and complex.


BodegaGonzález ByassOrigenD.O. Jeréz-Xérès-Sherry - Jerez - CádizZonaEspaña - Andalusia 100 % PalominoGraduación36 %VolElaboraciónCada one has capadcidad of 25 hectoliters. Only there will be used the central part of the alembic, known as " the heart ", which an alcoholic contrenido has of between 65 and 72 % Vo. This liquor denomindado "holland linen" will be aged in boots to produce Brandy of Sherry. Prizes and puntacionesMedalla Bronze International Wine and Spirits Competition 2013Otros information of interés:Ha of being served in a glass of Brandy, only or with ice. Presentation: bottle 70 cl

DenominaciónBrandy of Sherry Great Crossbeam Reserves FabricanteBodega Gonzalez Byass Jerez S. L.
Manuel M ª Gonzalez 12, 11403 SHERRY OF THE FRONTERAPeso neto70,0 Centilitres


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