Liquor 43 1 liter


Liquor 43 1 liter
Manufacturing uses 43 ingredients including herbs, fruits and citrus selected in the Mediterranean basin for the quality that guarantees its origin. The nuances of cinnamon and vanilla reveal two of the elements that make up their unique recipe. The taste of Liquor 43 is changeable, the experience when consuming it varies according to the drink with which it is combined.

The sweet taste it contains in each of its golden drops makes of Liquor 43 a perfect drink for the combined ones. House with a great variety of soft drinks and juices: lime, pineapple, orange, cola, lemon, grenadine, blue tropic and many more. It can also be mixed with shakes or tonic. The 43 different ingredients used in the production of this liqueur are the key to a versatile spirit, suitable for cocktail and alcoholic graduation of 31% that allows you to appreciate the citrus fruits and fruits that cement their flavor.

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Formas de Pago

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