• 1895 LONDON DRY GIN 70 CL.

GIN 209 70CL.


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GIN 209 70CL.
  Is the European version of the No. 209 American liter Gin. This is gin produced in the city of San Francisco, California. The distillery was founded in 1882 and is called 209 because it was the 209th distillery allowed in the United States. La Gin Nº209 70CL is a sophisticated and exclusive gin. In the mouth we find a sweet aftertaste, slightly reminiscent of a bourbon. Gin has been distilled five times to give it the purity needed to be one of the most prized gin on the market. We are ahead of the original version in the United States, the one-liter capacity. This rather dry and aromatic gin has a stopper that acts as a dispenser.


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