Sweet pink wine Advent sumoll PENEDÈS SUMOLL 37,5 cl.


Sweet pink wine Advent sumoll PENEDÈS SUMOLL 37,5 cl.
  Is a sweet natural rose wine that is obtained from the selective harvest of the best clusters of Sumoll from very old vines. In a completely manual way, the clusters are transported to an old haystack where they are hung individually in metal filaments and they are pasted by dehydration and natural ventilation during a period of approximately 120 days until assuming the desired level of concentration.
Aging: 9 months on lees in new French oak barrels.
Alk. Grade: 15%.

Tasting notes: note the notes of fresh honey, red fruit dried apricots, withered white flowers and a citrus lace. Its slightly creamy palate reinforces its character, with notes of lemon caramel and quince sweet, fresh balsamic, and a great balance between sweetness, acidity and persistence. Marida in an exceptional way with prostres of orange and chocolates.

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