This is one of the most elegant and complete harvests in recent history. Despite his youth, three and a half at the time of the tasting, and intuit the satisfactions we have preparadas.Elaboración: Fermented with yeast indigenous in oak tanks. Aged for 24 months in barrels made from selected in our cooperage oak. Prior to bottling clarification is made with fresh egg white. Once bottled undergo a refining process for twelve months in our cellar, at least.

The nose is a very recognizable harvest notes significantly different fruit from previous harvests; more pome fruit that bone, and accompanied by red fruits in fair season. All this underpinned by notes of flowers, mostly white (this note is unusual in the breeding / booking Muga vineyards), and a very wide range of spices oak without any need clear dominance.

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Formas de Pago
Formas de Pago

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