Wine sherry FINO Bota Paco Maestro Sierra (20 bottles 75 cl. 2016)


Wine sherry FINO Bota Paco Maestro Sierra (20 bottles 75 cl. 2016)
They are fine bottles filled directly from the boot by free fall and without going through any type of filtration, nor any treatment of anything (we go natural as life itself), also why it is a little higher color than other Fine and also Because they are older soles, they have filled 20 bottles of each boot. The two boots belong to the old authentic soles of Fino and it is suspected that they have never moved (at least since the husband of Mrs. Pilar Pla). Also as you will observe, the bottle is labeled and handwritten, 20 bottles "Ana Bota" (Ana Cabestrero, winemaker of Bodegas Maestro Sierra) and 20 bottles "La Bota de Paco" (Paco Salas, winemaker and friend of the winery) With which each one is personal and non-transferable.

59.52 € tax incl.

59.52 € per 1

Formas de Pago
Formas de Pago

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