Wine FINO MAESTRO SIERRA 75 CL. D.O. Jerez- Xérès-Sherry


Dry wine raised in boots of American low oak I guard of flower. 15 % Vol. Variety: 100 % Dove The process of creation of the Thin one begins with the Wine Base, headline up to 15 % vol. of alcohol, favoring the growth of the Veil of Flower. This natural veil of yeasts will be growing gradually up to covering totally the surface of the wine, preventing the direct contact with the air, therefore his oxidation, along all his upbringing, granting characteristics to him organolépticas very special, between them, his color. This flower of wine is composed by a few yeasts of singular character that throughout centuries and as consequence of a process of natural selection they survive thanks to the oxygen and compounds contained in the wine.

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Formas de Pago
Formas de Pago

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The biological upbringing of already Thin wine will extend for four years in boots of American oak of 500 liters by means of the genuine, traditional and only system of criaderas and crossbeams, later to finish with the bottling of the wine. To the senses: dry, pale, sharp and delicate. For The Teacher It Saws, harmonizes with a good Iberian ham.

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