• FINO BERTOLA 75 cl.

DO. Sherry Xeres-Sherry Wine cellars fine bertola 75cl.


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sherry bodegas bertola fine wine 75cl.

The upbringing of this wine has his origins in the former warehouses of "BERTOLA" founded in the year 1919. Elaborated to depart from grapes Thin Dove, it has been aged in boots of American oak during more than five years. His characteristics are: straw golden color, sharp and delicate, dry and light aroma to the palate, with biological upbringing - under veil of yeasts in flower-, his alcoholic graduation is of 15 º. One must serve to approximate temperature of 7 º C, accompanied of appetizers, soups, seafood, fished whites and very soft cheeses. 


Class of wine: Generous.
Type of wine: Thin Sherry.
Grape: Thin Dove.
Earths: Salt-water lagoon, Top Sherry.
Vinificación: constant Pressing.
Fermentation: A 1 ª tumultuous phase, 2 ª slow.
°C Fermentation: Of 22 ° to 24 °, controlled by system of cold.
Must: 11 ° brought near.
Headline: With wine alcohol of 11 ° approximately to 15 °.
Upbringing: Biological under veil of flower.
Oldness: Superior to 3 años.por the classic system native of Jerez de la Frontera of Crossbeam and Criaderas (of 5 Criaderas).
Madeira: Boots of 500 liters of American oak.
% Alcoholic end: 15 °.
Color: straw Gold. Sharp and delicate (nutbrown) aroma.
Palate: Dry and light.
I consume: To serve whites and soft cheeses 7 ° brought near and accompanied of appetizers, soups, seafood, fished

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