Sherry wine OLOROSO 12 YEARS 75 CL BERTOLA BOT. D.O. Jerez Xérès Sherry


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high quality wine

The wines range Bertola have their origin in the ancient cellars Bertola (1919). They are wines made in Jerez and protected by the Designation of Origin Jerez-Xeres-Sherry. They are obtained from the selection of the best grapes transformed into wine and aged in oak casks for the traditional solera system and hatcheries.

OLOROSO - 12 years.- Made from Palomino grape, whose must is headed to 17th of vinous alcohol, oxidatively aged in American oak casks for more than twelve years. Amber to mahogany bodied and very fragrant aroma. Dry on the palate, its alcohol content is 19 degrees. Serve at 16 ° C. Good companion of red meats and game. Old Age qualified by C.R. 12.


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