Fragantia 6 white wine 75 cl.


Type of wine Muscatel

Name Castile

His(Her,Your) letter of introduction is his(her,your) aroma, nothing mas to open the bottle, and once hypnotized by this fresh muscatel, the only(unique) thing that stays is to allow that it(he,she) should stop seducing you with his(her,your) freshness and intoxicating mouth. Flagrant, happy, fresh, cheerful, full of sensations. It(he) is light(slight), with low alcoholic degree and a great predominance of the fruit. A bouquet, light(slight) and greedy of exotic fruits and thousand white flowers.

7.53 € tax incl.

7.52 € per 1

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Formas de Pago
Formas de Pago

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