Jerez Brandy Torres wine 5 years - 70 cl.
  • Jerez Brandy Torres wine 5 years - 70 cl.

Jerez Brandy Torres wine 10 - 70 cl.


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Jerez Bra ndy Torres wine 10- 70 cl.
Traditional distillation of white wine and subsequent aging in barrels
American oak by the traditional system of soleras.
Alcohol content: 38% vol.
Preserved in good conditions will keep its potential within the next: 20 years

Brandy of topaz color, with beautiful mahogany and old gold reflections. Deep
and dense, exhibits aromas of great richness with notes of walnut and fruits
passified. The palate is intense, silky, concentrated. In the aftertaste
It offers warm spicy notes of vanilla and cinnamon.
Already in the year 1928, Don Juan Torres Casals initiated in Spain the
distillation of its wines, with the aim of achieving a smooth and
aromatic distillate. Torres 5 ages in first-rate oak barrels
quality until you get the aroma, color and flavor that make it
Unmistakable in the whole world.



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