The Liquor of Grasses(Herbs) "OTAOLA" is elaborated of handcrafted form to the traditional domestic style. His(her,your) elaboracio'n bases on a careful seleccio'n of natural alcohols of origin agri'cola and traditional unmatured whiskies of residue of Galicia, rebaja'ndose his(her,your) graduacio'n alcoho'lica up to(even) 30rd for the adiccio'n of demineralized water and syrup of azu'car to that him(her) an~aden natural extracts of grasses(herbs) aroma'ticas, deja'ndolo sixty rest during approximately di'as. With the passage of time he(she) is acquiring the beautiful light green and brilliant color that characterizes him this way ' as his(her,your) unmistakable aroma to candied fruits and in mouth very balanced, sweetly and fruity.

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Formas de Pago
Formas de Pago

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Type of Fruits: softened Grasses(Herbs).
Color: Green brilliant.
Aroma: Fruits in almi'bar.
Palate: Sweet bombo'n of liquor of fruits.
Degree Alcoho'lico: 30 °.
Bottle: Dry leaves of 100 Cl.
Temperature of consumption: 3 °.
Gastronomi'a: Despue's of the eaten ones, in night glasses, etc.

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