Ron Cacique 500 Extra Añejo Gran Reserva bot. 70 cl
  •  Ron Cacique 500 Extra Añejo Gran Reserva bot. 70 cl

Ron Cacique bot. 70 cl


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Legend has it that the Venezuelan Amazon tribes celebrated their most important events developing a cane drink with a little fruit the ponsigue says. Inspired by this legendary ancestral recipe, smooth flavor born Cacique Origen.

Bottle of 70 cl.


Ron Cacique 500 Extra Añejo Gran Reserva is one of the brands of rum from Venezuela launched in 1992 for the 500th anniversary of the discovery of America. It is also known as Cacique Black Label. Cacique 500 is a completely handmade rum made of molasses, distilled in copper stills and aged for eight years in carefully selected oak barrels. After the aging process, the master distiller choose the final result only the best barrels for Cacique 500 Cacique is the only rum that is made exclusively in the best wine in the world, Selva. Its unique weather conditions (high temperatures for the day low at night and very high levels of humidity up to 90%) make Hacienda Saruro the ideal place for production. raw materials of high quality: pure spring water and cane sugar Venezuelan, considered one of the best in the world for its richness in natural sugars, thanks to the magic of the gradient: high temperatures during the day and low at night, that give it a unique, intense and full-bodied flavor ..

Rum color is dark brown, with golden tones, viscous appearance. The nose is soft, sweet, with hints of chocolate, caramel and butter. Then brown sugar, some vanilla and a small amount of oak is perceived. Finally the smell of alcohol reminds us that we are not tasting candy. Its flavor starts with a slight touch of tequila, soft, viscous, velvety bitterness. Very sweet. Alcohol: Volume 40% Vol. 70 cl.

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